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Cherokee Discount Guns & More is a family operated business located in Murphy, NC. We are located at 1936 US HWY 64 next to Russell Tires at TRADERS CORNER. Our showcases are stocked with the latest pistols and the walls are full with rifles, shotguns and tactical guns. We carry a large inventory of tactical supplies and WE HAVE AMMO!


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The Gun Show format is BUY, SELL & TRADE...bring your unloaded weapons to the show (check in at the door 1st, INCLUDES Concealed Carry too!) and sell or trade your guns. 

The Blairsville Show will be 90+ tables, and the Ellijay Show will be 55+ tables as it is a smaller venue.  We bring in FFL's from GA & NC...and pride ourselves for bringing in high quality vendors that back what they sell.    From Antique, Modern, Tactical, Knives, Ammo, Reloading, Gun Safes, Holsters and all the accessories you can think of!!


We do things different at our Gun Shows...we give a way door prizes every hour...we usually have a hotdog vendor for your dining pleasure and we are actually nice, gun loving people just like you.  Our shows are safe, clean and we welcome the whole family to the show.  Kids 6 & under are free.  The admission for BOTH of the above shows are $5. which with a stamp is good for BOTH days!

With all the uncertainty in the upcoming election...there is no better time to be stocking up on ammo, black guns and handguns.  Don't let Obama fool you...he does want your guns.  He has been very low key these past 4 years...but you know and I know he is NOT a supporter of the OUR 2nd Amendment rights.   In fact if you got the Blairsville promotional postcard...go to http://www.youtube.com  SEARCH: Stop Gun Control USA Ammo....YES, all 3 men are leaders...2 out of 3 succeeded in Gun Control...let's not let him succeed this election year!!!


We hope you take the time to visit one of our shows...we usually do a FALL & SPRING show in all the towns we have Gun Shows at....Thank You!